Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms for New Beginners Bloggers 2022 (Novermber)

Top 5 Best Blogging Platforms for New Beginners Bloggers 2022 (Novermber) – Today, many people want to start blogging. There are many blogging systems available nowadays that let you start a blog for free. If you’ve never blogged, you should start with a free blogging platform.

After that, you can use any paid blogging platform once you’ve developed some experience. We will discuss the top five free blogging platforms in this article.

5 Best Blogging Platforms for New Beginners Bloggers

This article will introduce you to the heart blogging platform, which is available to you for free. Additionally, you are not need to invest in hosting there. You may also easily control the volume of visitors to your blog.

Using a free blogging platform, you may enhance the information by promoting your blog, raising its search engine ranking, and producing insightful content.

1. WordPress

The most widely used Content Management System (CMS) platform is WordPress. If you want to create a blog using WordPress, the process is rather straightforward. Additionally, you need to familiarise yourself with WordPress if you want to use it.

Without knowing how to code, you can use this to create your blog, and there are many plugins available for any features you want to use. There are both free and paid plugins. However, we advise using the free plugin if you are new to blogging.

2. Blogger (

If you want to blog for free, is a terrific place to start. was created by Google. It can help you rank your blog in search results, and the best part is that you don’t even have to host or manage it.

Today’s world is home to many successful bloggers who got their start on He learned a lot from this and has since turned to WordPress. Additionally, you can use Google Adsense to monetize your blog on

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3. Tumblr

Few people are aware of the social networking and blogging platform Tumblr. You can start your own blog on this platform and use social media techniques, just as you can share a post by making a post on Facebook or Twitter.

This includes extremely basic features like Like Comment Favorites and Notes. On Tumblr, many new blogs are created every day, and as a result, many people receive bank links for their websites.

4. Wix

You can create a website for nothing with Wix, another top-notch free blogging platform. You may also add your domain to it. Both WordPress and Wix have a number of plugins available. Additionally, you are free to apply your unique theme here. Additionally, you can use Custom HTML to change any of the themes here.

5. Weebly

Another great free blogging platform from which to start a blog is Weebly. By using drag-and-drop, you may customise blogs and make new pages on Weebly. You can build your own domain and make it appear to be a legitimate website.

Additionally, you can create a block using its subdomain and perform free blogging through it. Weebly provides limitless space for photos and videos. Additionally, it covers a wide range of worthwhile issues.


Friends, I hope you read the entire post in order to determine which blogging platform is best for your first blogging endeavor. I believe that Blogger should be used by all beginners.

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