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-Swift Loan’s loan product introduction
1. High loan amount: The amount can be as high as 50,000 rupees (subject to actual approval).
2. Fast approval of loans: online application, extremely fast approval, and fast payment.
3. Transparent interest rate and flexible repayment: the maximum daily interest rate of the loan does not exceed 0.04%, the annualized maximum interest rate does not exceed 15%,supporting multiple repayment channels.
4. Safe borrowing: Personal information is encrypted throughout the entire process to provide you with full protection.
5 .Loan term range: minimum 91 days to maximum 365 days
-Demonstration of loan fee calculation:
Apply for a loan of 20,000 rupees, and get a principal of 20,000 rupees after approval. The term of this loan is 120 days (that is, the loan needs to be repaid when the loan expires in 120 days), and the annual interest rate of this loan is 15% (Converted to a daily interest rate of only 0.04%), in addition to this loan will no longer charge additional fees. Then you can use the following methods to calculate the cost of this loan and the amount of repayment
-How to calculate the loan interest expense?
Daily interest calculation 20,000*0.04%=8 rupees
Monthly interest calculation 8*30=240 rupees
120 days interest calculation 8*120=960 rupees
Monthly repayment amount: 20,000/4+ 20,000*0.04%*30=5,240 rupees
Total repayment amount: 20,000+ 20,000*0.04%*120=20,960 rupees

1. Swift Loan prioritizes the verification of loan products, and recommends these products to users after confirming the reliability, so you can choose with confidence;
2. Pure online loans, all loan processes are carried out through mobile phones. There is no need for complicated personal authentication process, only PAN card number is required, and loan can be applied for through Swift Loan within 24 hours;
3. Swift Loan is very concerned about users’ personal privacy and data security, and will not share users’personal information with any third party, and Swift Loan has independent servers to store users’personal data. These servers are protected by the highest level of protection to ensure users’personal information. information security;

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Reasons why Swift Loan can be favored by users
1. 7*24 hours to provide online loan services anytime, anywhere
2. Clear fee rate, simple calculation, one-click trial calculation of loan amount
3. Big data technology matches users with suitable loan products
4. Establish a credit model for each user to make the loan process faster and more efficient in approval
5. Full security guarantee to protect user data

If the user is over 20 years old and is an Indian citizen, then they can use the loan service provided by Swift Loan. Swift Loan will not provide loan services to minors.

How do I get started with a Swift loan?
1. Download the Swift Loan app and register a personal account with your mobile number;
2. Select a product and submit a loan application;
3. After the loan application is approved, the loan will be issued to the user’s account
4. Repay the loan within the loan term

professional lending:
Swift Loan has partnered with RBI Authorized and Regulated NBFCs/Financial Institutions. List of our loan partners:
Dhanvarsha Finvest Limited
For more information, see:https://swiftloanol.com/?item=partners.

Contact Swift Loan
If you have anything to know about Swift Loan, you can contact us in the following ways
Contact email: [email protected]
Contact address: 3V78+6MG, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400098
Working hours: Monday to Sunday 9:00~18:00

[Tips] Continuous use can increase the user’s loan limit.
The loan amount, interest rate, and loan time are subject to actual review.

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