OmniCard – Cool Card for Young

OmniCard | New-Age Payment App For Young

OmniCard is a new-age payment app for young aims to step up their lives by making them Independent. OmniCard️ is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and is India’s first Omnichannel payment platform.

OmniCard comes with an innovative mobile app and reliability of the card. RuPay powered OmniCard enables young users to pay smartly and responsibly. It comes with cool card designs matching the Gen Z vibes, blended with innovation offering a personalised, unique and enduring payment experience.

OmniCard comes with an outstanding feature of control and visibility where the parents or user can set up spending limits and track spends using OmniCard app. The robust security and card control ensures full control and safety in every transaction. Users can load money using UPI, Net Banking, Debit/ Credit cards and other available options.

Users can also enjoy the OmniCard Keychain for Contactless RuPay On-the-Go Payments. Users can tap their OmniCard Keychain across a widespread RuPay network and access easy in-app controls with complete transaction history.

The users can avail exciting in-app offers to get the best buy on their favourite brands. OmniCard is available in Virtual and Physical forms and can be accessed both from Android and iOS phones. Users can create their OmniCard by following a simple on-boarding process.

FEATURES | Step up your life 📱

→ Choose your OmniCard design – The Stylish Blue, The Cool Blue, The Royal Black.
→ 100% digital KYC and on-boarding from your OmniCard app.
→ Load money via UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit cards.
→ Recharge, shop, transfer money and much more.
→ Set, Track and analyse your spending and manage all family expenses
→ Earn and redeem OMNIs to avail exclusive brand offers and rewards.
→ No hidden charges, no minimum balance fee, no renewal charges, no annual charges applicable to the user.

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OMNICARD | Pay on the Go 💳

→ A reliable physical card to pay anytime and anywhere
→ Swipe or Tap on the Go for all transactions
→ Complete Control over your Card settings in-app
→ Block, deactivate or change PIN immediately via the app
→ Block your POS and Tap Transactions in-app within seconds

OmniCard Keychain | Pay on the Go 🔑

→ Quick and Seamless Payments powered by RuPay On-the-Go
→ Easy In-app Controls & Spend Analysis
→ Secure Transactions across widespread RuPay network
→ Add money instantly using OmniCard

ATM | Withdraw Cash 💸

→ Withdraw Cash at any ATM easily & safely
→ Control ATM status with one click in-app
→ Only Load the amount you need to withdraw
→ Avoid ATM frauds on your primary bank account
→ Protect your primary bank account details & life savings, use OmniCard for daily Spending

SECURITY | Experience Unmatched Security 🔐

→ OmniCard offers a safe, secure and reliable payment experience.
→ We follow the highest security guidelines to protect all your valuable information and account details.
→ Block, deactivate, or change your PIN easily via the OmniCard app.
→ We are available 24X7 to address your concerns.

OFFERS & REWARDS | Shop Smart Earn Rewards🎁

→ Earn guaranteed rewards every time you pay.
→ Exclusive offers handpicked from your favourite brands.

PAYMENTS | Simple and Secure 💸

→ Swipe to pay: Simply swipe your OmniCard to make payments for your offline purchases.
→ Scan to pay: Just scan any merchant QR code to pay or transfer funds instantly.
→ Tap to pay: Tap on the Go for a smart and contactless payment experience.
→ Pay online: Move beyond the restrictions of offline shopping and shop online with secure and seamless payments.

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CONTACT | Hey You! Let’s connect. ☎️📧

If you have any feedback or questions for us, do not hesitate to reach out at [email protected] or 011-42246767
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