How to Make Money from Live Cricket Score Streaming on Youtube Channel?

How to Make Money from Live Cricket Score Streaming on Youtube Channel? – Dear Friends: One of the best topics to monetize a YouTube channel is live cricket. You may stream live cricket scores and earn a tonne of money. Are You Capable?

You just need to follow the instructions I provided when I shared an awesome tip on how to make online cricket score live streaming on your Youtube channel.

How to Make Money from Live Cricket Score Streaming on Youtube Channel

First and foremost, if you’re interested in live-streaming cricket and want to display cricket scores without copyright strikes, you should adhere to the basic specifications listed below.

  1. YouTube Channel have 50 Subscribers.
  2. YouTube Channel should be 90 Days Old.
  3. You have to wait for 24hrs to verify your YouTube Channel for Live Streaming.
  4. Your Internet Speed should be Good.

Simply move on to the next step if you meet the minimum requirements.

Step 1: Copyright Free Cricket Video

We all know that cricket is one of the most popular topics. Because live cricket streaming is illegal due to copyright, we must now download and install a cricket-themed Android game and record brief clips of that game.

Step 2: Live Streaming Software

The best Live Stream Software to use for live streaming is OBS, which you can download from the provided link. Install the obs software on your computer now, and then follow the directions I gave you in my most recent YouTube video.

Step 3: Start Youtube Live Streaming

Open your YouTube channel and click the “Go Live” button to make some changes, such as

  • Title: In this section write “Live Match Title, About Live Score, Date”.
  • Description: Here Write something related to Live Match Scores, Copyright Free Act (used for teaching and entertainment purposes).
  • Tags: Write some Keywords related to Live Cricket Match.
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The link to, which I recommend using to create fantastic tags for YouTube videos, is provided below.

Step 4: Live Cricket Score Thumbnail

You’ll need an eye-catching thumbnail for your YouTube video in this step, but don’t worry, you can grab any other YouTube video’s thumbnail using the URL I’ve provided below.

You can include affiliate links for any products in the description of your video to make money; however, I recommend include the Dream11 or other cricket-related Application Referral Link to earn 10% or more from it.


Friends, I sincerely hope that reading this article will enable you to make money from doing this simple, copyright-free YouTube live cricket score streaming.

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