How to Make Money by starting Lofi Music website for free?

How to Make Money by starting Lofi Music website for free? – Hello everyone. I’ll explain to you how to create a Lofi Music website and generate money off of it in this article.

Friends, in the modern era, a lot of people enjoy listening to Lofi songs because any original music can be converted into this excellent format.

How to create a website of Lofi Music for free

Friends, most people use to start a website or to develop a WordPress website by purchasing a domain and hosting, but in today’s post, I’ll show you how to use Google Sites to start a free Lofi music downloading website.

Url Shortner website Link:

How to Make Money by starting Lofi Music website for free

Step 1: Launch Youtube and look up Lofi Music. Then, visit any of Lofi Music’s YouTube channels and copy the video’s URL and thumbnail, which you can download from the website of the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader, which is the link we have provided.

Website Link: Youtube thumbnail Downloader

Step 2: At this point, I’ll give you the YouTube video’s link to a website where you can download MP3 files of YouTube videos.

Website Link: YouTube Video to Mp3 Converter

Step 3: Where are you going to put that LoFi song? You must be thinking this question right now, therefore let’s use the Mediafire website to answer it. Open the Mediafire website, register for an account by clicking the register button, and then upload the recently downloaded lo-fi music.

Website Link:

Step 4: You will obtain the URL of Mediafire and shorten the link using URL Shortner. We also use URL Shortx Shortner so that we are compensated for any Lofi Music downloads made from our website by visitors to Google Sites.

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Website Link:

Step 5: After this, the process of building a Google Sites website for a Lofi Music downloader will be complete. You must watch my video on YouTube because I go into great detail about how to create a website using Google Sites.


Friends, After reading this post in its entirety, hopefully you now have a good understanding of how to create the Lofi Music website on Google Sites and make money using Url Shortner.

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