Gift & Credit Card Wallet

Virtual Wallet SecureCard is a Wallet app for securely storing your payment card data such as bank card, credit card, debit card, gift card and loyalty card.
E Wallet has Card scanner and barcode reader. You can keep and use loyalty cards in the store. Simply present the loyalty card barcode from your secure Wallet for scanning in-store. You no longer need to carry 100 plastic cards in your pocket.
Wallet use Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a key length of 256 bits. This key is generated on your device & without it no one can access your data.
Important: virtual Wallet has not access to your data, all of it is stored on your device or in your cloud storage in encrypted form.
Despite the serious internal structure, the interface of the debit & credit card manager is simple, friendly & intuitive. Keep your cards securely, use autofill, or share your data with one button in Wallet SecureCard!

Highlights of the virtual Wallet:
1. Our debit & credit card manager does not collect your loyalty card and bank card data: just download & keep cards without registration.
2. You do not need internet to work with SecureCard. Data from Wallet is always with you: abroad, in the forest or on a plane.
3. Synchronizing & storing data in google drive cloud storage & Dropbox. In this scheme, only you & your cloud storage. We do not see your payment card data.
4. The number of debit cards & gift cards is unlimited.
5. We can not get your debit & credit Cards, even if you really want. The key is stored only with you & we can not pick it up, even if you ask us about it. Or not you. Especially if not you.
6. Add debit & credit Cards via NFC Reader & Camera card Scanner (scan code, code reader).
7. Add gift card, loyalty card with help barcode reader & scanner. Use virtual cards in stores.
8. Mobile Wallet can’t like google pay card Wallet & apple pay to pay for your purchases in stores.
9. We are a secure Wallet for Secure your cards, with many tools to protect & hide it from prying eyes:

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• Instant photo of the person trying to hack you,
• pin code & master password (to protect the vault),
• opening another app & locking the screen,
• emergency pin code to delete data (if necessary, it is in the cloud storage, you can get it back).

10. We keep your card data under reliable protection for more than 3 years.

Using our debit and credit card manager, you can be sure that your payment card data: bank card, gift card, loyalty card – are 100% protected in the e Wallet!

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