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Files239 After Washington state (18.1%) and Arkansas (18.5%), that was the third-largest annual rise.

Annual premiums in Colorado increased by $1593 from an average of $1,355 in May of last year.

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Files239 the more crucial documents

After Minnesota, this state’s premium was the second-highest of any in the research.

β€œRate hikes in Colorado are more than twice as high as inflation. Pat Howard, a certified property and casualty insurance specialist at Policygenius in New York City, described the jump as being enormous.

As a major factor in premium inflation, insurers have pointed to greater claims as a result of more destructive hailstorms and wildfires. For instance, the Marshall fire, which occurred in Boulder County on December 30, damaged 1,084 properties valued at more than $500 million, much above the average fire season.

Files239 More catastrophic events are a contributing cause to why rates are rising so dramatically in Colorado and other states, according to Howard, as insurers prefer to spread the expense of claim payouts over a larger area. However, it is still too early to adjust the premium basis for the Marshall fire. The β€œelephant in the room,” as Howard refers to replacement prices, has recently become a significant factor.

Since the lifting of the lockdown orders in 2020, home values in Colorado have increased significantly. According to the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price indexes as of May, they were increasing in metro Denver by more than 23% annually. The costs to replace a property, however, are what insurers consider more carefully than its market value.

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Files239 Since the epidemic, costs for building supplies and labour have increased due to supply-chain issues and a lack of workers.

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