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Buy now, pay later with the ePayLater app. Being one of the best business pay later apps in the market, it helps retailers get instant credit to purchase supplies for their stores from partner merchants. Retailers can purchase the required products in the required quantity at the best possible pricing to maintain a balance between supply and demand. Since the ePayLater app can be used across all sales channels – physical and digital, retailers can choose the best products from different categories to stock up on their supplies.

Unlike the lengthier process of getting instant personal loans, availing of instant credit on the ePayLater app is much easier and more convenient. No wonder why many retailers deem it as one of the best pay later apps. The ePayLater app extends the credit facility via associations with several reputed NBFCs which include Piramal, Muthoot, Fullerton, and AEFPL. After comparing the offered credit terms, retailers can avail instant credit from any partner NBFC that best caters to their requirements which is a quicker process than getting a loan for small businesses.

Another thing that makes the ePayLater app one of the best credit apps is its simplicity. It has a very clean, simple, and user-friendly interface. Simply download the app, submit the details, and get immediate approval. You can use the approved credit line for your requirements and based on your transactions, the app can enhance your credit limit.

Key Features of the ePayLater app:
• Get Instant Credit: Now you don’t have to engage in the complex process of getting business loans. Using the ePayLater app, you can get instant credit to meet the financial requirements of your business and we will take care of the rest. Being among India’s top instant business credit/loan apps, we empower and encourage retailers and small businesses to avail themselves of an instant business credit/loan to overcome their short-term liquidity shortages. In comparison to conventional loans and credit cards, there is no interest on timely repayments and it helps you build a healthy credit score.

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• PAN India Credit Network: You can use the ePayLater app at any of the partner merchants to shop for products at the best prices. Besides the advantage of the PAN India network, the app also allows you to onboard your local distributor which is an added convenience for your business.

• Increase Profitability: With the freedom to purchase the finest products at the best prices across different categories and locations, you can increase your profitability tremendously. Besides, using this buy now, pay later app, you can make transactions across all sales channels, both digital and physical, just order now pay later using ePayLater credit and enjoy 0% Interest for up to 14 days on your orders.

• Secure: Being one of the best instant business credit apps, you can manage your transactions securely and effortlessly. The app maintains the utmost level of security, you can rest assured that your information is safe with us.

• Rewards on Every Transaction: Get rewarded for every transaction you make on the ePayLater app. It is among India’s top buy now pay later apps that keeps running many exciting offers for its users.

Benefits of Using the ePayLater app:
• Get instant credit of up to 25 lacs
• Enjoy interest-free credit for up to 14 days
• No hidden charges involved
• No processing fees or set-up costs involved
• Buy products in bulk at best prices
• End-to-end transactions
• Higher approval rates
• Make transactions effortlessly with top merchants
• Easily accessible anytime, anywhere
• Hassle-free and transparent payment procedure
• Easy handling of returns and cancellations
• Credit network across India
• Collaborate with local distributors throughout the nation to get the best pricing
• 100% safe & secure
• Simple reconciliations

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To get all the benefits offered by one of the best B2B pay later apps in India, Download it today!

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